welcome to my typology page?!?!? i am by no means an expert on this subject and it's something i'm still studying a lot but it's my special interest so of course i have a page on it...

i'm a lot more knowledgeable on mbti and enneagram than most other systems but... this is a life long journey i am willing to embark on... i'm still studying and learning more about all the systems i have a category for on this page!!!

at the moment, self typed i am a ENFP 4w5 sp/sx 478 ILE SLUEI LEVF chol/mel. of course this is subject to change as i learn more about typology and about myself, and i'm not sure if i will ever be fully accurate because the way i view myself will always be biased.

but anyways.. i want to use this page to store all the info i have and essentially infodump about this topic just because i love it so much and im sure all my friends are sick of me speaking of it and getting hysterically angry over 16p people!