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hellooo hi welcome to my site!! this website serves as a way for me to talk about myself and let my autism run rampant! i code as a hobby and im not very good as i just recently started to actually know what im doing but i do like it a lot. each page is probably going to be different because i cannot make up my mind and i want to experiment. i will never ever be finished with this and it will always be under construction.

i have attempted to optimize this website on mobile but it is most definitely not my priority and it never will be so this is best viewed on desktop and on firefox. all browsers are okay i think but firefox is what i made this on. and regarding credit, i try to credit wherever credit is due so if i have something of yours on here that is uncredited im sorry and please contact me so i can add credit or remove it completely! image credits are shown when hovered or long press on mobile i think?

the name of this site comes from both a movie and a song and i dont wanna name them so just guess idk. i firmly believe that this is better than bigger social media (TTT), at least for me, because i feel like i can actually be myself on here! you can contact me here.

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